Westward Movement

Monday, September 3, 2012

As I shared last week, I am now teaching third grade with Citizens of the World, Hollywood. Another CWC school opened this fall, and three of my colleagues from SMBCCS are teaching at this location (Silverlake). I am so pleased to work with smart, dedicated, truly constructivist individuals. Each member of the staff brings such a gift - lucky students. 

Wednesday, my students come. We do something called Gentle Beginnings - all 66 students rotate through the three of us (Mike and Sara compose the rest of the new third grade team), and by Friday, we'll make necessary changes, should the need present, and begin with our regular class the 10th. Things won't change much, but the opportunity is there. 

I already have one little story, so just imagine what will happen once I'm spending my days with the kids! Last Sunday CWC had a "work party." Families came to help do all sorts of jobs at the school, from painting and building and papering to organizing libraries and hanging up all sorts of things. It was truly amazing, and I had the opportunity to get to know a few families and kids. One trio of little girls spent about an hour in my classroom library. They introduced themselves to me as two first graders, and one tiny little one who shook my hand and told me in the most ernest manner possible that she was NOT in kinder or first YET ... she was in pre-kinder ... but that SOON she would be in kinder ... just not yet! She nodded fiercely and then added ... "and I'm ready!" 

Additionally, I've begun my master's in educational leadership/administrative credential through CSUN - the Santa Monica cohort. There are 16-17 of us, from varied walks of life with many different levels of experience in and out of the classroom. As I read the first week's assignment, I recognize that the time is right, and that I am so ready to take on the next phase of my career. I should have done this 5 years ago (or more), but better late than never! 

Until the next visit! Have a great week.