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Monday, September 12, 2011

From the world to the classroom

The writing prompt was as follows:
"You arrive to find a note from your teacher on the classroom door, telling you that she is unable to be there and has left you in charge. Write a note back to her, telling her about your day."

A, a third grader, wrote the following, verbatim:
Today I was in charge of the class. The class was very understandably and was nice also very respctfull. I diden no who was you helpers so I chose them for the day. Ther were no vilens and no unuproperyent words. Every body noo there area and was playing nice. I had no cumplands about any thing. The class was playing so nice that they all got a green card! When I ask them to open there book and read quieyetly they did it so quieyet that I didn't no they were evend here. When I gave instushens they dident ask what do we do?

I had several responses in a similar vein. A day with no violence or inappropriate language, a day when everyone stays in their area, and a day with no complaints is one I'd like to experience! Additionally, when I give instructions, I'd love to see everyone get to work so quietly I am able to close my eyes and imagine I'm alone. 

The truth is that I have a marvelous class. They are nearly always respectful, non-violent, and appropriate in their interactions. While they don't always earn green cards (basically a "caught doing something great" reward), they rarely receive orange cards (out of area, language, and other such warnings), and I will be quite surprised should one of them receive a red card for defiance or violence. They do, however, like to clarify instructions several times. For that reason, alone, I plan to ask A to take over tomorrow's class. I'll let you know how it goes.

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