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Saturday, November 5, 2011


My math class is comprised of struggling 5th graders coming from all of my multiage colleagues (with an independent group of three students who went through the 5th grade content last year and are now doing special projects and 6th grade curriculum). A is an adorable boy who happens to be autistic. He is with me for math, and also for book talks. He and I have gotten to know each other fairly well. I forget, sometimes, just how literally he takes things.

Last week I suffered a tremendous sneezing attack during math. At the end, I laughingly commented that I must be allergic to the kids, and went on to continue teaching.

A returned to his own class a bit later, and pulled his teacher aside. With a very serious look on his face, he said to his teacher, "Ms. __, Ms. Stern is allergic to me!"

I have to decide how to play this on Monday.

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