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Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to school

After three weeks (winter break), I am excited to see my kids, but not so ready to go back to six hours of sleep a night, rising at 5 am, and packing everything else about life into just a few hours in the evening. 

A put it best today, however. An adorable, quiet, funny third grader, A cheered when I reminded the kids that next Monday is MLK, Jr. Day, and that we won't have school. I glanced her way, as did most of the kids. Quickly, she reassured me. "Ms. Stern, it's not you. I really love you. But sometimes I love my bed more. This is one of those times." Then she smiled angelically. I smiled back and reassured her that I understood completely. "A, I, too, sometimes love my bed more than anything, including you guys. I get it, and it's okay." We shared a moment, the kids left for the day, and I went about packing it all in. 

I'm off to bed. I so hope A has been in hers for at least an hour, and know she'll remain there long after I rise in the morning. As much as I love my kids, I do miss my bed as I stumble toward the shower. 

Sweet dreams. And happy new year.

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