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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm back

I stopped blogging back in March, as the remainder of the spring was loaded with too much responsibility, and it wasn't in me to speak out on kids or anything else. 

As many of you know, I left SMBCCS, where I'd been 20 years, in June. The school did away with multiage and was taken over by another charter with a philosophy of education that simply does not jive with my own. I'm constructivist in nature, believing that children best learn by doing and experiencing, regardless of subject matter. I found a new teaching position with Citizens of the World Charter/Hollywood (a new Silverlake school opens this year, and three of my previous colleagues from SMBCCS are there). I'm teaching 3rd grade in a building located on the campus of LeConte MS, the feeder middle school for many of the SMBCCS students. It's a terrific organization, with room to grow, and a group of colleagues who impress me constantly with their intelligence and passion, and deep understanding of what is good for children. I am excited to work with them, and excited to meet my new students on September 5. The website, should anyone wish to take a peek, is

Stay tuned for more regular sharing of stories from the classroom (221), the world of constructivist education, and life in general! Additionally, I just decided to go back for my master's in educational leadership/administrative credential. I begin with a cohort based in Santa Monica on Monday. Stories from that experience may well make it into my blog, as well!

I look forward to sharing! 

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