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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting the room ready

Every year I switch it up. New table arrangements. New way of sharing supplies. New schedule. I know I speak for so many teachers when I say we spend so much time and so much energy building a shell for the community we hope to establish. This year, #21, is no exception. I laid out gift bags of supplies after carefully considering where each student should sit. The beauty of a multiage class is that I know nearly all the kids, and can figure out where they'll be most successful. The frustration is that my knowledge causes me to spend several minutes on each child, and before I know it, an hour passes and I'm still thinking I should switch kids around. I'll probably go to my old standby - let the kids put themselves together with some basic expectations. 

Two days of meetings and professional development begin tomorrow, with the kids coming Monday. I'm excited to see them. 

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