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Friday, August 26, 2011

Ready for day one

As I was going through my desk, tossing and organizing, my dear friend and colleague in the room next door, Lisa, came in to show me a torn piece of art done over 15 years ago ... a foot from an above life-sized torn paper figure she simply can't thrown away. It's attached to a story she'll never forget. All of us have something we keep that takes us immediately back to the moment of occurrence. 

Lisa left, and I kept on tossing and cleaning, and I came upon my own memory - a piece of paper on which I'd written a statement from one of my students several years ago. We were studying metaphor and simile, and B said, "If metaphors were real, the Grateful Dead would be a bunch of skeletons." I laughed hysterically and uttered my amazement at his brilliant thought. 

B has gone on to middle school, but finding the scrap of paper on which I'd written made me excited again for new funnies, new brilliance and new experiences. 

Until Monday - happy weekend, all.

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