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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pick me because ...

Young Storyteller's Foundation is a wonderful program matching screenwriters with fourth and fifth graders. The kids and mentors meet for seven weeks, culminating with "The Big Show" ... a group of professionals acting out the kids' screenplays.

This program has been involved with my school for many years. Generally I choose the participant. I have five fifth graders this year. J participated in the fall program, and two from my class will participate when the program begins Wednesday. I offered D, B, T and E the same opportunity as J. Because there are just two slots, I asked each child to write a letter to me, persuading me to pick him or her.

T and E won the spots. (They were also the only two to write letters)! These are their words, with no editing.
E: I should be in Young Storytellers 'cause I like makeing funny stories and I love writeing a lot of nasty and imaginery storys. I know that I am not a good spelling guy but makeing funny storys that is fun for kids. And I know a lot of funny things to put in a story and crazy things. That is of one of the hobbis for me that I really like to do everyday. That is why I want you to pick me to enter Young Storytellers. I hope you pick me. :)-

T: I would love to on Young Storytellers because one year ago I lost intrest in writing, saying in my mind "I will never be a good writer." But when I found out I was getting good at writing it got my hopes up again. I think YST will even inspire me more to even try to make a book. Love, T

They have both completed the pretest they must take, turned in their parent permission forms, and told me yesterday they hope the weekend goes by quickly because they can't wait for Wednesday (day one). That inspires me!

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