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Saturday, February 4, 2012

President in a taxi

Last week, my students responded to the following prompt: You are running for president. You must give a speech to a group of people voting for the first time. What do you say in your speech?

As I read their words, I was ever more a believer that young children should make the rules by which we live. They get it.

Here are a few tidbits from the work of my kids:

J: We were slightly affected by the bombing on September 10, 2001. Many can’t afford to pay their health insurance. People get sick, they are brought to the hospital and the government pays for them. The others are not given proper medicine so I believe this problem is about the health insurance companies.
I am glad the wars are over. We have achieved our goals. Our soldiers are back. Unfortunately, we had a lot of casualties. This is the prize (he meant price - and that's priceless) of freedom.
Friends, what can you do as citizens of America? The solution or answer is in you. This can’t be solved without you. If I shall be elected, I promise to serve you the best I can.

L: We need to develop our children’s education to be able to have smart personnel in every organization.
This could be hard if we are all selfish and are not cooperative and never care to start making things better. We are not going to make things improve if we don’t want to start.

E: Getting rid of wars may be hard, but not impossible.
They will vote for me because I come from a working family and want things to be better for all.

Lance: I like many things like candy and I dislike many things like bad people. I am running for president because I think I can make the USA a better place. I will change police into robots because robots don’t get hurt much and we don’t have to pay them. I will also make regular gum into never-lasting gum so it is very fun. I will also make nannybots to take care of babies.

And ... my personal favorite:
A: People will remember that I will lower their taxis.

I'm going to be very careful the next time I call for a ride to the airport.

Happy Groundhog weekend.

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