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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Forgive the long time between posts, and pardon the ramble. I promised, and have not delivered, but now I deliver at the end of a very long day with far too little energy. 

Being principal is quite different from being in the classroom. I don't believe I work any harder, but what I do is often far from my comfort zone, and is rarely uninterrupted. In mid word, I'll stop to take care of something that can't wait; a sandwich lasts several hours, and a portion eventually gets tossed (a very good diet, I must say); multitasking is a given; and breaks are unheard of. 

As I finish week four, I've learned more about building codes, construction planning requirements, fire marshals and bodies per square inch. I'm still not completely sure where everyone is going to be come August 12 ... yes, August 12. Just over two weeks away. But I am confident - because I must be and because I just am. These things are not the norm ... but it will never be this unfamiliar. I say to my AP, "it will never be harder," and we both laugh - realizing it's true but still hyperventilating a bit. 

I'm learning to work a budget - something classroom teachers rarely, if ever, have a chance to oversee or even truly participate in. Always a challenge. What a school wants and needs is far outside the available finances. I have lots of ideas for finding financial support, but no time to act on a one. Next year? 

Today I sat in our math professional development, and jumped in and out of the room for phone calls and brief meetings, even though I wanted to just be a learner. I remember being so annoyed when my administrators would do the same thing during a meeting, training, event they'd asked us all to be a part of. I offer an apology!!! I get it.

Tomorrow, I begin my first professional development with our new teachers. Just two days, but how I've stressed that it be organized, engaging, and not a wasted moment. 

I will never forget what it means to be a classroom teacher, so I am a fierce advocate for ensuring what happens in the classroom is directed toward children, but fair to teachers. I've read time and time again, heard over and over, and believe without an ounce of doubt, that what makes a leader truly strong is time spent in the shoes of those she leads. 

Stay tuned! I'll try to get back in a week. 

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