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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'd just pull it out and play with it.

It's quite late on a school night. Our school governance meets on alternate Tuesdays. Although I'm no longer a member, having served my allowed two years through June of this year, I can't help but stay for meetings. The focus right now is revising and editing our charter renewal document. It's a huge task. When I left school at 10:15pm, the council was still in session. 

I sat reading and correcting my students' essays due this week. They were much improved ... my kids are really trying to better their content, mechanics, grammar and penmanship. I'm proud of them.

The prompt for their essay due this morning was You are stranded on a deserted island. In your backpack, you have 12 items (all must fit inside). Describe each item, and tell how it will be useful to you. The meeting was a rough one, and I was looking for a little escape. I found it in all of my students' work. Thanks, guys, for helping me get through tonight!

Here are a few things my students felt were of utmost importance should they be stranded on a deserted island:

  • hand sanitizer
  • a teddy bear
  • a pistol for those pesky wild beasts
  • a tent (small and foldable to fit in the backpack)
  • a towel and a change of clothes or two - being naked at any time does not appear to be an option
  • a pencil bag, a pen, a notebook or journal ... to write adventures and share experiences 
  • a book, a book, a book, a book ... you get the picture - nearly unanimous!
  • photos of family, especially mom
  • two little toys to keep the mind flowing
  • and my personal favorite, taken directly as it was written by a 9 year old boy, A
  • ... "I would bring a little ball because if I get bored I will just pull it out and play with it." 

My night was made. I can only imagine what he'd bring if allowed a 22" carry-on. 

Sweet dreams.

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