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Friday, October 14, 2011

Just chill!

I received from my uncle a terrific gift - a small, desk-top flip chart of emotions. I stuck it on my desk this morning. A couple of my kids were looking through it. T chose the "chill" card, and shared with me that I was now "chillin.'" 

15 to 20 minutes later C arrived in the classroom. I wrote about him yesterday. This morning he had neither his book talks packet or his essay journal. Taking a deep breath, I spoke to C about my expectations, responsibilities, and where the heck his work was. I guess my breath wasn't deep enough, because T, standing nearby, said to me, "Ms. Stern, I'm changing you from chill to aggravated." She read the brief description of the word, looked up, said "Yep, aggravated is a good word for you right now. Maybe you'll go back to chill later. But not right now." And she flipped the chart. 

As I left this afternoon, I noticed the card had been flipped back to chill. Apparently something well well today.  I have to think about it a bit.

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