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Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm old

E, eight years old, turned in his weekly essay today. (This is the same student who wrote about chocolate donut snowmen). The prompt this week was to write a letter to me about a book they'd recently read. E chose to write his letter about Benjamin Dove, a book I read to the class and finished a few weeks ago. It's a brilliant book, and I'm delighted my kids like it so much. It's written by Fridrick Erlings, a very much still alive Icelandic author who has but one book published in English. At my students' request, I am constantly checking up on any other books Erlings may publish in English. 

Before I leave you with the final paragraph of E's letter, I want to remind you that I was born in 1962. 

"Why I chose this book is because of the author. The author was born in Reykjavik Iceland in 1962. But the author is dead by now. But as long as I have this book, he's alive for me. I wish the author was still alive so could make more of his books. I love his books a lot. His books should get an award."

I'm taking my pulse before I go to bed tonight. 

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